Thank you to all of the Volunteers, Members, Guests and Speakers who attended the 55th BVRC Annual Meeting held at the bucolic Loyola Retreat Center in Woodstock, IL. Photos will be added to the Gallery as they are edited.

As guests arrived to revisit with old riding friends, and new, we were treated to a hot taco bar in the spacious cafeteria overlooking the fresh water pond and ancient oaks. Our special treat was the Loyola Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Following lunch, we gathered in the airy Searle Hall where members were able to pick up renewal packets containing updated forms, procedures, and guidelines. Members Returning for the 2018 Season, please return only the first page in your packet with renewal dues to Joyce K. The address is on the form.

New members joining us for 2018, please return your New Member application packet to Rhonda R. The address and contact information are on the form. If you need another or have questions, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

BVRC Merchandise:

55th Anniversary T=Shirts are available! Order yours now for $15 each (short sleeve).

Glitter Logo - Short Sleeve



Non-Glitter Logo - Long Sleeve



We were called to order by President Ron Parrish. We've enjoyed his leadership of the BVRC and look forward to Ron continuing to join the board in a liaison position. Thank you Ron!

We were honored to have our Guest Speaker, Vern Scacci. Vern's passion for the equine lifestyle has resulted in numerous new trails along with a more community wide cohesion of horse owners. His presentation, "Together We Stand Strong", shared how Federal and State money can, and has been allocated to McHenry County to create a new horse destination at Brookdale Forest Preserve. If all goes as planned, the new horse trailer parking area will open this fall! Keep your eye on that facility as new trails are opened, making it a family adventure favorite in years to come.

Following the Board Member reports, the club elected three new faces to open positions.  We wish to thank our Board Members who chose to not renew their positions this year. We are truly grateful for your time, ideas, and commitment to the BVRC.

New Officers:

President: Shannon DeVaul

Vice President: Jim Eckel

Property Owners Director: Patrick Skvoretz

Blue/Purple Trail Head: Donna O'Brien


The next BVRC meeting is April 10, 2018 at the Stickney House. ALL MEMBERS ARE ALWAYS INVITED TO ATTEND.


BVRC Members and our trail Property Owners are invited to spend the afternoon at Boone Creek Farm, 8206 Bull Valley Road.

Invitations include the Bull Valley Famous "Nancy Jung Sticky Bun" recipe. If you love to bake, and want to compete for Sticky Bun greatness with the bragging rights that go along with it, bring a pan to share.

Plenty of activities to keep you as busy as you want to be.

Places for photo opportunities. Plan to take your holiday photo in front of the antique carriage!

Meet 2-legged and 4-legged members up close as they go through their paces.



Notes below shared by Ron Forbes, BVRC ECMC 2015-16 liaison. BVRC is in search of a 2017 ECMC liaison to attend these important meetings and share key information with the BVRC.

The tentative date of the next ECMC meeting is April 16th.

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