Like so many good ideas the BVRC riding club developed by a need, a group of friends all interested in riding horses.  This group was concerned for their horses and themselves as the roads were becoming unsafe to ride.  Ernie and Lou Shook were one of several couples to plan the BVRC club trails.  Lou had heard of and ridden the Barrington Trails.  This concept helped Bull Valley families initiate a trail system of their own.  Several meetings were held in different homes to form a club.

circa 1978

The BVRC was started in 1963 but in 1965 incorporated as a not-for-profit private club. Today the club maintains over 85 miles of trails, comprised mostly of off-road paths through woods and fields, on private property, by individual agreement between property owners and the club.  The Bull Valley Riding Club has been in existence for over 40 years thanks to a small group of dedicated families who worked to establish a place to ride in Bull lValley. 


Lead rider Nancy Jung 1972

The 40th Anniversary Celebration Trail Ride and Campout was a big success! The club held a group trail ride that culminated in an overnight campout on the Jung farm. Over 50 members participated in various group trail rides and an addition 30 members and guests came by car to enjoy a catered dinner, live music and a campfire reminiscent of vintage BVRC parties.

Tending the picket line.

The Sling. After a tragic loss of a member's horse to the bog, the BVRC pulled together to coordinate efforts and donations to purchase a rescue sling. The Large Animal Lift and rescue glide have been used a few times since its purchase to assist member horses in need.  The sling is kept at a central location within the BVRC area, and is available to trained members. The Rescue Team attends annual refresher training to keep our skills sharp.

Members gather at HAHS for a Sling and Glide training on a very cooperative equine.

The Bridge! At Last! Thanks to the tireless efforts chaired by Nancy Jung and the many generous contributions from members, friends, neighbors and kind folks the bridge was completed. The bridge provides a bypass for the heavy traffic corner of Bull Valley and Cold Springs roads. Dan Fierla rode Shorty over for the inaugural crossing. 

Nancy Jung crossing the bridge for her first time, a very proud moment.

Our Golden Anniversary! And what a year it was. From wine tasting, to gold tables at the property owner appreciation brunch, to fall trail rides followed by a pig roast it was a heck of a great year. If you missed any of these activities, make sure you don't miss any future milestones. We are truly a one-of-a-kind group. Thank you to everyone who made these events memorable.

Welcoming property owners to the 50th anniversary appreciation brunch.